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5 文書を見つけるための辞書。

  • thing
  • , 事柄, 代物, 物件, 物事, ,
  • a persistent illogical feeling of desire or aversion; "he has a thing about seafood"; "she has a thing about him"
  • 永続的で不合理な欲求または嫌悪感

  • thing
  • , 事柄, こと
  • a statement regarded as an object; "to say the same thing in other terms"; "how can you say such a thing?"
  • 対象と見なされた言明

  • thing
  • , 事柄, こと, 事項
  • any attribute or quality considered as having its own existence; "the thing I like about her is ..."
  • それ自身の存在を持つと考えられる特質または品質のいずれか