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The force_out has 9 Senses.

  • force, force-out, force out, force play
  • 勢い, ホースアウト
  • a putout of a base runner who is required to run; the putout is accomplished by holding the ball while touching the base to which the runner must advance before the runner reaches that base; "the shortstop got the runner at second on a force"
  • 走らなければならないランナーを刺殺すること

  • crowd out, force out
  • press, force, or thrust out of a small space; "The weeds crowded out the flowers"
  • 小さな空間を押す、力をかける、押しのける

  • evict, force out
  • 追い出す
  • expel from one's property or force to move out by a legal process; "The landlord evicted the tenants after they had not paid the rent for four months"
  • ある人間の財産から追い出すまたは法的手段で出るように強制する

  • force out
  • 弾き出す
  • emit or cause to move with force of effort; "force out the air"; "force out the splinter"
  • 作動力の力で放つ、あるいは作動力の力で動かす