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13 文書を見つけるための辞書。

  • completely
  • 全く, まるきり, 全て, すべて, 完全
  • so as to be complete; with everything necessary; "he had filled out the form completely"; "the apartment was completely furnished"
  • するために完成する

  • by a long shot
  • 全く, 全然
  • by a great deal; "he is the best by a long shot"; "his labors haven't ended there--not by a long shot"
  • 全くに

  • quite
  • 全く, まったく
  • actually or truly or to an extreme; "was quite a sudden change"; "it's quite the thing to do"; "quite the rage"; "Quite so!"
  • 実際に、本当に、あるいは、極端に