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KK Pronunciation

〔 ˋskʌfL 〕


〔 ˊskʌfl 〕

The scuffle has 5 Senses.

  • dutch hoe, scuffle, scuffle hoe
  • a hoe that is used by pushing rather than pulling
  • 引くよりはむしろ押して使うくわ

  • scuffle, shuffle, shamble
  • walk by dragging one's feet; "he shuffled out of the room"; "We heard his feet shuffling down the hall"
  • 足を引きずって歩く

  • scuffle, tussle
  • 乱闘, 取り組む, 取組む
  • fight or struggle in a confused way at close quarters; "the drunken men started to scuffle"
  • 戦う、または近距離で混乱した状態で争う