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KK Pronunciation

〔 ˋkʌpL 〕


〔 ˊkʌpl 〕

Overview of noun couple

The noun couple has 5 senses

  • couple, twosome, duo, duet -- (a pair who associate with one another; "the engaged couple"; "an inseparable twosome")

  • couple, mates, match -- (a pair of people who live together; "a married couple from Chicago")

  • couple -- (a small indefinite number; "he's coming for a couple of days")

  • couple, pair, twosome, twain, brace, span, yoke, couplet, distich, duo, duet, dyad, duad -- (two items of the same kind)

  • couple -- ((physics) something joined by two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines)

Overview of verb couple

The verb couple has 4 senses

  • match, mate, couple, pair, twin -- (bring two objects, ideas, or people together; "This fact is coupled to the other one"; "Matchmaker, can you match my daughter with a nice young man?"; "The student was paired with a partner for collaboration on the project")

  • couple, couple on, couple up -- (link together; "can we couple these proposals?")

  • pair, pair off, partner off, couple -- (form a pair or pairs; "The two old friends paired off")

  • copulate, mate, pair, couple -- (engage in sexual intercourse; "Birds mate in the Spring")