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  • chafe
  • 摩擦
  • soreness and warmth caused by friction; "he had a nasty chafe on his knee"
  • 摩擦によって感じる熱さと痛み

  • friction, rubbing
  • 摩擦
  • the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another
  • ある物体が他と触れて動かされた時に生じる抗力

  • attrition
  • 摩擦
  • the act of rubbing together; wearing something down by friction
  • こすり合う行為

  • detrition, friction, rubbing
  • 摩擦
  • effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure
  • ある物体を別の物体にこすりつけることに使われる努力

  • attrition
  • 摩擦
  • a wearing down to weaken or destroy; "a war of attrition"
  • すり減って弱くなったり壊れること

  • rubdown
  • 摩擦
  • the act of rubbing down, usually for relaxation or medicinal purposes
  • 通常、リラックスまたは医療目的で撫でる行為