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  • shock
  • ショック, 振盪, 驚愕, 打撃, 衝撃, 驚がく, 震動
  • (pathology) bodily collapse or near collapse caused by inadequate oxygen delivery to the cells; characterized by reduced cardiac output and rapid heartbeat and circulatory insufficiency and pallor; "loss of blood is an important cause of shock"
  • 十分な酸素が細胞に供給されないことによって起こる身体的な虚脱状態あるいはそれに近いもの

  • hit
  • 一撃, 打撃, 当り, ヒット, 命中, 一発, 適中, 当たり
  • (baseball) a successful stroke in an athletic contest (especially in baseball); "he came all the way around on Williams' hit"
  • 球技会での成功した当たり(特に野球において)

  • hit, striking, hitting
  • 打撃, ヒット
  • the act of contacting one thing with another; "repeated hitting raised a large bruise"; "after three misses she finally got a hit"
  • ある物に別のもので触れる行為