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KK Pronunciation

〔 mєt 〕


〔 mєit 〕

The mate has 13 Senses.

  • mate
  • 仲間
  • the partner of an animal (especially a sexual partner); "he loved the mare and all her mates"; "camels hate leaving their mates"
  • 動物のパートナー(特にセックス・パートナー)

  • mate, match
  • an exact duplicate; "when a match is found an entry is made in the notebook"
  • 正確な複製

  • mate, fellow
  • 片方, 仲間
  • one of a pair; "he lost the mate to his shoe"; "one eye was blue but its fellow was brown"
  • 対の片方

  • mate
  • South American tea-like drink made from leaves of a South American holly called mate
  • マテと呼ばれる南米のヒイラギの葉で作った、茶のような南米の飲み物

  • mate, checkmate
  • チェックメイト
  • a chess move constituting an inescapable and indefensible attack on the opponent's king
  • 相手のキングが、逃げられず、また防げないような攻撃となる一手

  • checkmate, mate
  • チェック
  • place an opponent's king under an attack from which it cannot escape and thus ending the game; "Kasparov checkmated his opponent after only a few moves"
  • 対戦相手のキングが、逃れることが不可能な攻撃にさらされており、それによりゲームが終わる場所