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KK Pronunciation

〔 dʒʌmp 〕


〔 dʒʌmp 〕

The jump has 21 Senses.

  • jump
  • (film) an abrupt transition from one scene to another
  • 1つの場面からもう1つの場面までの突然の移行

  • start, jump, startle
  • a sudden involuntary movement; "he awoke with a start"
  • 突然の不随意の動き

  • jump, parachuting
  • descent with a parachute; "he had done a lot of parachuting in the army"
  • パラシュートで降下すること

  • jump
  • make a sudden physical attack on; "The muggers jumped the woman in the fur coat"
  • 突然物理的に攻撃する

  • jump
  • 急騰
  • increase suddenly and significantly; "Prices jumped overnight"
  • 突然、そして、著しく増加する

  • jump
  • enter eagerly into; "He jumped into the game"
  • 熱心に参加する

  • jump, leap, jump off
  • 飛び降りる, ジャンプ
  • jump down from an elevated point; "the parachutist didn't want to jump"; "every year, hundreds of people jump off the Golden Gate bridge"; "the widow leapt into the funeral pyre"
  • 高い所から飛び降りる

  • jump, derail
  • 脱線
  • run off or leave the rails; "the train derailed because a cow was standing on the tracks"
  • レールからはみ出る、または離れる

  • jump, parachute, chute
  • jump from an airplane and descend with a parachute
  • 飛行機から飛び降り、パラシュートで降下する

  • jump, leap
  • ジャンプ
  • cause to jump or leap; "the trainer jumped the tiger through the hoop"
  • ジャンプさせる、飛ばせる

  • jumpstart, jump, jump-start
  • start (a car engine whose battery is dead) by connecting it to another car's battery
  • 別の車のバッテリーに接続することによって、(バッテリーが切れた車のエンジンを)スタートさせる

  • jump, leap
  • pass abruptly from one state or topic to another; "leap into fame"; "jump to a conclusion"; "jump from one thing to another"
  • 1つの状態または話題から別のものに不意に手渡す

  • jump, alternate
  • 揺らぐ, 振れる
  • go back and forth; swing back and forth between two states or conditions
  • 行ったり来たり動く