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KK Pronunciation

〔 rIˋsiv 〕


〔 riˊsiːv 〕

The receive has 13 Senses.

  • find, incur, get, receive, obtain
  • 頂く, 得る, 受ける, 貰う, もらう
  • receive a specified treatment (abstract); "These aspects of civilization do not find expression or receive an interpretation"; "His movie received a good review"; "I got nothing but trouble for my good intentions"
  • 指定された処置(抽象的な)を受ける

  • receive, pick up
  • 受信, 傍受
  • register (perceptual input); "pick up a signal"
  • 登録する(知覚的な入力)

  • receive
  • 来る, 受け取る
  • convert into sounds or pictures; "receive the incoming radio signals"
  • 音または画像に変換する

  • receive
  • have or give a reception; "The lady is receiving Sunday morning"
  • 歓迎会を催すあるいは与える

  • get, receive
  • receive as a retribution or punishment; "He got 5 years in prison"
  • 懲罰または処罰を受ける

  • receive
  • partake of the Holy Eucharist sacrament
  • 聖聖餐サクラメントに参加する

  • receive
  • regard favorably or with disapproval; "Her new collection of poems was not well received"
  • 好ましく、または否認して思う