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KK Pronunciation

〔 hItʃ 〕


〔 hitʃ 〕

The hitch has 12 Senses.

  • stop, stay, halt, stoppage, check, hitch, arrest
  • 休止, 停止, 一時停止
  • the state of inactivity following an interruption; "the negotiations were in arrest"; "held them in check"; "during the halt he got some lunch"; "the momentary stay enabled him to escape the blow"; "he spent the entire stop in his seat"
  • 中断に続く不活動状態

  • hitch
  • a connection between a vehicle and the load that it pulls
  • 乗り物と、乗り物が引っ張る荷物との関係

  • hitch
  • a knot that can be undone by pulling against the strain that holds it; a temporary knot
  • 結び目を縛っている緊張に対して引っ張ることでほどくことのできる結び目

  • hobble, limp, hitch
  • the uneven manner of walking that results from an injured leg
  • 片足のけがによる、不規則な歩き方

  • hobble, gimp, limp, hitch
  • 跛行
  • walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury; "The old woman hobbles down to the store every day"
  • 多少の身体的制約または負傷により歩行が妨げられる

  • buck, hitch, jerk
  • jump vertically, with legs stiff and back arched; "the yung filly bucked"
  • 足を強ばらせ、背中を丸めて、垂直に飛び跳ねる

  • thumb, hitchhike, hitch
  • travel by getting free rides from motorists
  • ドライバーから無賃乗車を得ることによって旅行する

  • hitch
  • connect to a vehicle: "hitch the trailer to the car"
  • 乗り物に連絡する